Citizens Security And Justice Programme

Medical Examinations

Kingston Restoration Company (KRC), an implementing agency for the Ministry of National Security’s Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP), has had the distinction of being a part of the CSJP project from its inception in 2003.

Throughout the years, KRC has worked in 16 CSJP communities namely: August Town, Ambrook Lane, Cassia Park, Denham Town, Grants Pen, Hannah Town, Kencot, Mountain View, Rockfort, Trench Town, Waterhouse, Allman Town, Towerhill, Drewsland, Parade Gardens and Fletcher’s Land .

For its most recent contract period (January 2011 – August 2012), KRC worked specifically in the Zone II CSJP communities of Denham Town, Trench Town and Hannah Town. For this period, there were five main interventions as listed below:

1. Educational Enrichment for Children - Tutorial Assistance
2. Educational Enrichment for Youths and Adults
3. Parenting Education
4. Life Skills Classes
5. Community Education on Violence Issues