Citizens Security And Justice Programme - Educational Enrichment for Children


1. Educational Enrichment for Children - Tutorial Assistance

Tutorial Assistance (GSAT) was given to 284 students in five locations. The GSAT venues were Denham Town Primary School (Denham Town), Chetolah Park Primary School (Hannah Town), Michael Black Community Center (Rose Town in Trench Town), Inner City Ministries for Christ (Arnett Gardens in Trench Town), and Boys Town Community Center (Wilton/Federal Gardens in Trench Town).

The five GSAT subject areas (Communication Task, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts) were taught to students. There were three distinct periods or terms (April to June 2011, July 2011 (Summer School) and the 2011/2012 academic year).


a ) Weekly Classes – Mondays to Thursdays after school for one hour each evening.

b ) Summer School – Classes were held Mondays to Thursdays from 9:00am to 2:00pm each day for the month of July. A special feature was the “Learning Comes Alive” segment where students were taken on trips and aspects of their GSAT curriculum were experienced. In addition to the financial support from the Ministry of National Security CSJP programme, summer school was strongly supported by corporate Jamaica (the Jamaica Public Service, the Jamaica Stock Exchange and Konvertra Ltd.) along with the various CSJP parenting groups and other community liaisons.

KRC/CSJP Summer School Field Trip to Bank of Jamaica

c ) GSAT Drill Camp – This was a two day intensive camp where GSAT past papers were given to students who did them under exam conditions. Teachers reviewed the paper with the students after the exams were completed so that they understood why the answer that was selected was the best choice.


  1. The number of students targeted was exceeded. A total of 284 students were recruited as opposed to the targeted amount of 270. This represents a 105% achievement.
  2. There was a 100% achievement in the number of teaching hours. For the nine classes that were in the programme, 1,800 hours of teaching was delivered over the three periods.