How To Apply

The first stage of application is to complete an application form. Applications are available from the following sources:



Applications need to be submitted to our office with the following supporting documentation:


  • A letter of recommendation from an appropriate source (e.g. from the Social Development Commission for community groups, or from the Ministry of Education for educational establishments)
  • Documented proof of claims being made (e.g., commitments received re financial assistance or access to resources for the project)
  • Three (3) quotations from reputable suppliers for the goods and/or services being requested/to be acquired. Quotations must state clearly, the quantity and description of the item(s)

Once applications received are completed, they are evaluated by the Evaluation Sub Committee (ESC) who accesses their suitability and other factors, such as the likelihood of the project being sustainable, before making recommendations to the Board of Directors and Trustees. Groups will be kept informed of the process of their application during this process.


Processing of applications takes approximately two (2) – three (3) months.

Why The Need

Kingston’s inner-city communities are characterised by a myriad of problems such as sub-standard housing, violence, political tribalism, and high levels of unemployment which combine to create harsh living conditions for residents. The Kingston

Board Of Trustees

The following is a list of the Board of Trustees for The Kingston Restoration Foundation.

  • Hon. Maurice Facey O.J. Pan Jamaica Investment Trust
  • Mr. Morin Seymour Kingston Restoration Company
  • Mr. Roger Cog

What Is the URTF/KRF?

The Kingston Restoration Foundation (KRF) is an Approved Charitable Organisation under section 13(I)(q). It was incorporated in June 2000 under the name The Urban Renewal Trust Fund (URTF) Ltd.

The URTF wa

The Foundation

The Foundation’s income is exempt from tax under section 12(h) of the Income Tax Act. Additionally, contributors are able to treat grants to the Foundation as a tax deductible expense.

It is managed by KRC and administered by both a Boar

Geographical Areas

The URTF aims to improve the lives of persons living in poor inner-city communities in Jamaica. The parishes chosen were based on the fact that they contain the largest urban communities in Jamaica. Projects that are in these parishes but are outs

Thematic Areas

In keeping with the companies Distinctive Value Chain, projects that come under one or more of the following areas are considered for funding:

Education; Early Childhood and Primary
Enabling young children to have

Capacity Building

Supporting capacity building means that we are developing the potential for organisations and individuals in a community to respond to the needs they identify around them. This is an important element in enabling organisations to become more self-

Education - Early Childhood And Primary

Enabling young children to have a sound foundation in their education is seen as vital in the development of any community. It is for this reason that a large number of early childhood institutions and primary schools receive funding under the KRF


Many inner-city communities suffer from environmental problems, such as poor housing and a lack of usable pubic spaces. These problems contribute to negative feelings among the residents towards their community and an overall feeling of powerlessn

Micro Enterprise

Inner-city communities experience high levels of unemployment and underemployment. Through supporting micro-enterprise projects, we are enabling these communities to start to address this problem and to build better lives for community members and

Funding To Date

Since its inception in 1999 to present, 132 projects throughout the major urban areas of Jamaica (Kingston Metropolitan Area, St Catherine and St James) have been approved for funding totalling nearly $12.23 million. Approximately 48% of these fun

Who Can Apply

The Fund is aimed at assisting organisations to develop ideas and build on existing programmes. Organisations which receive funding have to have been in operation for at least one year and to have completed successful projects previously. Groups n

How To Apply

The first stage of application is to complete an application form. Applications are available from the following sources:


  • The KRC office (3 Duke Street, Kingston)
  • The Social Development Commission

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Kingston Restoration Foundation, an extension of Kingston Restoration Company, is committed to facilitating the urban regeneration efforts through improvement to Education, Capacity Building, Support for Micr