Inter-American Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) provides loans and grants to finance sustainable economic and social development projects and support strategies to reduce poverty, expand growth, increase trade, investment and regional integration, and promote private sector development and modernisation of the State.

As the oldest and largest regional bank in the world, the IDB is the main source of multilateral financing for economic, social and institutional development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Public entities eligible to borrow from the Bank include national, provincial, state and municipal governments, and autonomous public institutions. Civil society organisations and private companies are also eligible.

In partnership with the Ministry of National Security and Justice, the IDB has provided funding for the Citizens Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) . The project aims to reduce crime and violence, strengthen crime management capabilities and improve the delivery of judicial services. The programme has four components namely:


  • The Development of a National Crime Prevention Strategy
  • Capacity enhancement of the Ministries of National Security & Justice
  • Strengthening the criminal justice system
  • Community Action


KRC’s work supports the Community Action component and it has been sub contracted specifically to facilitate the improvement of the scholastic ability of persons falling within the target population (adolescents and adults), through the delivery of quality education and training programmes.

The programme which was operationalised in 2003 will end in 2008. Read More

KRC also partnered with the IDB on the Kingston Urban Renewal Project. The project targeted the communities comprising Central Kingston the goal of which served to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in the inner-city Kingston through the design and implementation of strategies for the regeneration of poor communities.


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